We pride ourselves on trying to make the impossible, possible. Over the years, we’ve tackled many projects others wouldn’t touch. If it can be done, we’ll find a way!

It’s one thing understanding design and application, but it’s another to be able to output with application in mind.

With Kongsberg C64, VuteGS3200, HP Latex 360, Salmatell Mounting Equipment, computerised letter bending along with procision laser welding. We also have Leeds' first brand new hybrid 5-metre printer, cabable of printing both roll to roll and large format rigid sub-straights. This enhances our ability to achieve photorealistic quality without compromise at all times.


Benefit from our unparalleled investment in eight-color, plus white and Fast-5 printing for super high production speeds. Our print team can change over from rigid media to roll-to-roll in less than one minute, meaning bespoke projects and deadlines will never be an issue!

And if you need it, we can print direct to rigid and flexible substrates making for an incredibly diverse range of options.


Our in-house Kongsberg C64 is the unique 3.2 meter wide cutting machine which allows us to seamlessly finish large format panels and textile materials. The increased speed of the Kongsberg matches the high speed of our digital printing systems.

It’s exact precision guarantees accurate finishing up to a tenth of a millimetre, resulting in top quality products. Which is what we are all about.


Our fantastic production team have worked on a vast array of projects, ranging from lightboxes to industrial signage as you’ll see across our site. Exacting standards are always met no matter how strict deadlines are, creating fantastic outputs for all involved!

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer tailor-made solutions for businesses & individuals. We can create everything right here under one roof in areas including.


Foamex PVC board is strong, lightweight and suitable for a variety of signage and creative projects. It can be cut to any form, size or shape with ease using your typical handtools and can also be heat bent and glued.

Also known as Foamalite, foam PVC and foam board, this material has an abundance of useful attributes that have made it renowned worldwide, even in the most inhospitable climates.


Sourcing the highest quality foamex is the only way for us to display our high-quality printing capabilities. We use the best that is available for an enduring finish.

This media typically comes in a 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thickness and we can print this up to 3000mm wide. Because of it’s versatility, we can also cut this media into any shape / configuration on the Kongsberg C64.


Frosted vinyl is a wonderful solution for creating privacy on glass for offices, open plan workplaces, meeting rooms, office buildings, and schools. Typically this media is used as to provide ‘full flood’ coverage, however we have found customers prefer their vinyl digitally cut to custom shapes and still provide effective privacy. This is increasingly used in open plan workspaces.


Etched vinyl can be used to provide a decorative solution as well as a functional one. If used in the correct way, etched vinyl can also be used as directional signage. It comes in many different versions and colours and we can print on it as well.


For property sector clients, generating excitement about the building under construction or modification behind a hoarding is key and making sure the right details are displayed is essential. Hoardings can act to provide security and privacy, protection and as an effective marketing tool too.

A variety of materials can be drawn upon depending on the duration it will be required for and the likely weather and temperature conditions it will have to confront.


Premium vinyls can be mixed with premium inks to create stunning interior and exterior wraps. Within a retail environment particularly, this combination is vital to attract customers to certain areas of the store.

This idea of attention grabbing detail is what we are about at Ink Monkey, making sure that every output is absolutely fit for purpose.


It is a cost-effective way of creating an area that can be transformed specifically per campaign.

Through experience of working with retail partners who regularly swap out retail campaigns, we have become specialists in application and removal. It helps to be working with a material that allows for smooth transfer from one campaign to the next.


If you’re after vehicle graphics using existing artwork or designed from scratch, you’re in the right place. Using the best print and media available, we can collect and apply your graphics.

We always start by providing advice on what will work for your business to make sure that you will be seen and remembered in the correct light.


Our self-adhesive vinyl services range from fleets, to full car wraps to individual decals and we’ve got experience of wrapping cars, vans, trucks, camper vans, caravans (including most of the interior components too).


Cardboard is a wonderfully versatile solution and with our capabilities for printing direct and then cutting the media with our Kongsberg 64C, we can literally create anything.

This works wonderfully for specialist retail packaging but more importantly can be used for displaying important messages within retail in sophisticated point of sale or merchandising applications.

For a quick campaign, cardboard engineering is a great way to convey your message. We will always look to use recycled card unless a specific spec has been requested.


Try us out with a concept. You’ll receive an initial concept drawing, 3D models and physical prototypes to ensure you get exactly what you require.

And as with all our services, customers are welcome to visit and check on the process of your product. From the very first drawings through to the completed product, the process is streamlined ensuring any potential problems are resolved before even becoming an issue.