Motivational Spin Rooms for Virgin Active

Customer: Virgin Active

Brief: Deliver a motivational space for Virgin Active members to create a deeper engagement. 

Challenge: Virgin Active were looking for a better user experience that would make their studios stand out from their competitors, particularly in their popular spinning rooms.

Approach: Lighting rings offer a great way to introduce personalised engagement between the trainer and the individuals in the class as well as 1:1 engagement between the individuals themselves. 

Solution: Initially, the concept was to place small light rings (spinning by means of an LED light pattern) above individual bikes. These would all be connected to a mobile device via software which would not only gather data to monitor an individual’s performance but also to produce a class performance guide. 

This proved distracting to individuals, so there was an attempt to vary the spinning lights to ensure they were more in-tune with their actual effort and speed. This led to increased activity but turned into a race, exhorting and demoralising the less fit.

The next revision was to add a colour change to the spin pattern (red, amber and green) in accordance to the individuals’ personal achievement (by monitoring the individuals’ pace via the data recorded by their bike.

Impact: By putting individual user data into context with the class as a whole, the result was everyone had a chance to shine, by being visually represented in the class based solely on their progress. 

Virgin Active Leeds have installed the initial system and are now evaluating the data and feedback from their clients before committing a possible rollout.

This project has been so much more than lighting, involving new software and UI to be able to communicate with DMX LED lights over a WIFI connection. 

“This was a great project for us, real blue sky stuff” said Lucas Austin-Meek, managing director. “It allowed our creative juices to flow and the trainers and staff at Virgin Active Leeds were just incredible with their hands-on enthusiasm and engagement with the project. It is early days, but the results are looking very promising”.

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