It is our pursuit to solve the latest in creative problems.

A sounding board when you know what you need and you’re just not sure what it should look like, from following a brief and solving a brief, to building the impossible cost effectively and delivering it on time, IM offers the whole caboodle.

“We don’t want people to only use us because we’re cost effective [because we can provide everything at source] but because we’re solid, reliable and we produce the goods. We create products that push our machinery to its limits. We like to create beautiful things and make the seemingly impossible, possible – and make a business out of doing it.”

Steve Day, Director


Once we have discussed with you our research and any ideas you have, we will begin to create a mock-up design, this will allow us to showcase exactly how your website will look before we touch any code. We will make any necessary changes that you request and will keep working on your mock-up design until you are 100% happy to proceed to the development phase.


It is our pursuit to solve the latest in creative problems.

From large format printing, to bespoke LED solutions, to CAD-cutting to research and development into your next idea, which perhaps before now, has not been possible to produce.

We have been hands-on with premium machinery and equipment in-house for more than 20 years, which means we know this craft inside out and can almost guarantee a work-around to any production issue that you may have ever had.


From Leeds to London to Stockholm, we’ve done it. With teams across UK and mainland Europe armed with the right tools, know-how and attention to detail, your project is in the safest hands.

As the face of our clients’ business whenever we’re not at HQ, we recognise that it is essential that we represent each brand in the appropriate way and treat communication, efficiency and client service with the importance it deserves.

A picture tells a 1,000 words