IM not creative or production, IM both

From conception to completion. Design. Print. Create. Install.

IM a well-kept secret

INK MONKEY [IM] is a 360°-solution in create, design, print and installation. A father-son trio with more than 50 years collective industry experience in all major consumer markets, at home and overseas, IM still a well-kept secret.

As Managing Director, Lucas Austin-Meek explains: “You’ll have been in one of our environments [perhaps a retail store, a corporate office or an exhibition] without knowing it. We’re a best-kept secret: the guys behind the scenes. Because that’s what we do: we drive our clients’ brands, not our own.

“This isn’t about us, it’s about you.”

Originally a print house, IM is now home to the largest bespoke cutting equipment and premium, LED-lighting manufacturer in the UK’s creative industry and an impressive client portfolio including well-known household brand names.

The Team behind some of the simplest through to the most impressive visual creations you have ever seen, IM the secret weapon of brands and agencies alike when it comes to communicating their messages visually.

A picture tells a 1,000 words

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